ISO 9001 quality management system

Quality Statement

The ES range has been manufactured under the control of an ISO 9001 quality management system since August 1993. For Canford, ISO9001:2008 is not just a symbol on the letterhead, it is a framework that embodies the philosophy of quality and continual improvement on which the company is built. Canford has been an ISO9001 quality registered company since 1995 and every aspect of the business is driven by these principles.

Canford is committed to ensuring that its products meet, or exceed, the requirements of all applicable European directives. These include electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility standards (EMC) and environmental directives (RoHS and WEEE). The company operates a continuous programme of assessment and testing and where appropriate, products are CE and WEEE marked, as required by law.

New product designs, including packaging, are developed and tested to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence.

The manufacturing and inspection controls throughout the manufacturing process ensure reliability, repeatability and interchangeability of product and components.

The quality of Asian manufactured products and components is controlled by the UK QA Office with robust inspection and testing approvals before release and despatch.

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